I started Bottle Shop in 2017 as a fun and different venture. We started as a retail store in Bozeman MT Gallatin Valley Mall, as a retailer for Vacuum insulated water bottles. It didn’t take long to realize that we could do a whole lot better if we designed and imported our own Branded bottles. And even better than that if we custom powder coat our bottles right here in the USA.

I saw a booming industry chalked full of plain stainless steel and then bright colored blank bottles with no designs. Next, people were plastering their bottles with stickers, hungry for some sort of personalization. Identity is a very important part of life for humans. The colors of clothes, shoes, phone cases, cars and even toothbrushes define and speak to our identity.

A water bottle is one of the top 5 most personal items for adults and kids, as well as it being one of the most fun and exciting things to purchase. Our mission is never to create a boring, design-less bottle that has no personal expression. As we launch this web site, we hope that you love what we’ve done to give a little bit more flavor on the outside of the bottles, while keeping the same quality of preservation and temperature on the inside of the bottle.

Thanks for giving us a look!


Dave Diehl